Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leonard Part 6 (1987)

The CIA asks for ex-spy Leonard's help in stopping an evil force that is brainwashing small animals into killing people. Leonard, however, has his own problems to deal with: winning back his ex-wife. (Imdb rating 2.1)

Vehicle movies are always interesting. Basing your entire filmatic concept around one person is risky, but when they work, they are great (The Room anyone?), but most of the time they are completely, completely awful.

Leonard Part 6 is one such awful movie. By now, you must realise that when I say some movie is 'awful', it doesn't instantly mean throw it in a shredder and mail the ashes to the director. If I didn't find bad movies entertaining, I'd be a masochist. There are different levels of awful, is what I am trying to say in such a long-winded and verbose manner.

Leonard Part 6 is neither here, nor there. There are amusing moments, to be sure, but I expect more from a Cosby movie. Where are the ugly sweaters? What about the constant goofy facial expressions on Cosby's huge head? I need more from the world's most easily imitable man. Although seeing an obviously white man subbed in for Cosby riding an ostrich off a building is funny.

Can you see the hilarity?

This thing is supposed to be a comedy, I *think* for adults, judging by a few scenes, but it weirdly seems more for kids. There's lots of animals, a sure sign at Leonard being aimed at children. But then there is the sub plot of Cosby's daughter, firstly showing up at Cosby's house with a 66 year old Italio-Afro-American boyfriend, then appearing in a play that Cosby goes to see, unaware of his daughters numerous nude scenes. This generated genuine laughs from me.

And of course, there are the stupid scenes. Frogs assemble under a car, and jump under it in unison, moving it until it's sinking in a lake. Two midge Japanese men clothe Cosby for a date. Mutant lobsters attack him and his wife. A Gypsy he can't understand gives him extremely specific items (a Queen Bee in a box? Ballet shoes?). Even the bad guy henchmen aren't spared, given a literal burning allergy to meat.

To be fair, it does sparkle.

Leonard Part 6 can be described as one of those movies that you could easily watch if it was on television as a midday movie, but it leaks out of your brain the second you stop watching it. I just watched it and can barely remember what happened in it. The worst thing is that it is probably the best Cosby vehicle out there (keep Ghost Dad away from me, please).

Things I learnt:
  • Buddhism is a profession, next to actor and sculptor.
  • Sarah Palmer from Twin Peaks is in this movie!
  • Rich people shower in mineral water.
  • Drinking a whole bottle of bourbon in 15 seconds is an acceptable anesthesia before removing a bullet from yourself.
  • Ballet will come in handy for dance-defeating enemies.
  • One bad guy can tie up 10+ regular people in less then 30 seconds.
  • Mutant lobsters are scared of melted butter.
  • Angry rainbow trout like reading Playboy.

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